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Turbo Conversions

As for us tuning engines is concerned, turbo charging is the most efficient way of increasing power whilst retaining drive-ability and still being able to return sensible mpg when driving correctly.

As with everything in life, every upgrade to a turbo system also has side effects. The bigger the turbo, the greater power potential, but also with this comes excess heat, lag and reduced fuel efficiency.

Here at Retro Resus we can custom build you an upgraded turbo system , using hand fabricated exhaust manifolds, exhaust systems, market leading intercoolers and top quality components to build the fuel system, intake system and boost control.

If required we can also custom map OEM ecu's or supply, fit and map stand alone management systems.

For an estimate, information on a future build or to find out about our previous upgrades, give us a call or send an e-mail. We're always happy to talk about BIG power!

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