Retro Resus garage in Bridgwater
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Current Projects

   The workshop is always a busy place here at Retro Resus..... We carry out a vast range of work from a basic service to full restoration...and anything in-between!

    Follow us on this section to see all our major projects progress through the workshop, from conception to completion!

   Welcome to the latest project addition to  the workshop....The Beast!

This VW Mk4 Golf R32 has been a regular visitor to the workshop for mild 'tweeks' to an already acomplished turbo set up....but this time things have got out of hand!

This visit will include a full multipoint T45 rollcage, completely new, fully bespoke turbo system, including an 'in house' custom manifold, twin 50mm wastegates, a SERIOUS turbocharger, and all the custom intake/exhaust systems required to hopefully propel this towards tohe magical 1000bhp!!!! Couple this to an air shifter kit for the 6 speed dog box, and this will easily be the fastest car we have ever far 😉




Another current long term project is this heavily modified old school VW Beetle for some major chassis work! This little bug has had extensive chassis work carried out previously, but is now in the workshop for some changes to the tube chassis, suspension angles and major drive train adjustments...followed up by a power train that is suitable for a little pocket rocket like this.... running Porsche carrera 4 running gear, Porsche hubs and brakes, Custom wheels, tubular chassis and a well tuned motor, this little Beetle is going! All here in Somersets best garage.


Completed Projects

   After a big push to get the Production gti MK5 golf completed in time for the Autosport show, its time to move onto the next project. Keep an eye out for this MK5 though, as it takes the Production Gti series newest driver around some of the best circuits in the UK for this years championship. 

For more information on the Prodction Gti championship click on the links below, or contact us via email/telephone/facebook.