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Here at Retro Resus we are proud to announce our most recent partnership in the performance sector... Welcome to Ecotune!

Ecotune is Scotlands most prestigous, well known and respected tuning company. With Ecotune's reach stretching far into the mainland, and their reputation for quality tuning far outweighing others, we were more than happy to jump on board and offer their world leading software solutions for almost all euro roadcars. 

For anything from a stage 1 tune on a BMW 1 series, all the way to a custom tune for a hybrid turbo on a PORSCHE 911T...... We can now offer you a top class solution. 

True tuning is not about downloading a generic file and waving you on your way, its about giving you, the customer, what you want/need from your vehicle, within the realms of what the car/hardware can handle. 

For a safe performance solution, from a world leading software supplier, look no further!

Please contact us via email, phone or facebook for more information.

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