APR Turbo Inlet Pipe

The APR Turbo Inlet Pipe is an easy-to-install bolt-on upgrade that eliminates a restriction before the turbocharger. Unlike fabricated units on the market today, ours is cast from aluminum, allowing for an organically shaped inlet that transitions gradually over a large distance. Such a design promotes better flow rather than abruptly reducing at the turbocharger’s inlet like other units. It’s larger than stock throughout, removes a large internal restriction at the PCV inlet, and outflows the factory unit allowing the turbocharger to operate more efficiently. We fully assemble each unit with a billet securing arm, billet PCV bung and new o-ring. The inlet and outlet are CNC-machined to control tolerances and ensure snug and secure connections. This upgrade is recommending at all stages utilizing an IHI IS12, IS20 or IS38 turbocharger!


Quick Facts:


  • Cast aluminum construction
  • Outflows the factory unit: 441 cfm vs 379 cfm @ 28” of H2O
  • Larger internal diameter throughout
  • CNC-machined inlet and outlet
  • CNC-machined billet-stainless-steel securing arm
  • CNC-machined billet-aluminum PCV bung
  • New o-ring
  • Fully assembled and quality controlled in-house
  • Easy-to-install direct-bolt-on design
  • Limited lifetime warranty


Application Guide:


Audi A3 / S3 MK3 (Typ 8V) 1.8T / 2.0T
Audi Q2 (Typ 5Q) 1.8T / 2.0T
Audi TT / TT S MK3 (Typ 8S) 1.8T / 2.0T
Seat Leon / Cupra MK3 (Typ 5F) 1.8T / 2.0T
Seat Alhambra (Typ 7N05) 1.8T / 2.0T
Seat Ateca (Typ 575) 1.8T / 2.0T
Skoda Kodiaq (Typ 565) 1.8T / 2.0T
Skoda Octavia / VRS MK3 (Typ 5E) 1.8T / 2.0T
Skoda Superb B8 (Typ 3V) 1.8T / 2.0T
Volkswagen Arteon (Typ 3G8) 1.8T / 2.0T
Volkswagen Golf / GTI / Clubsport / Golf R (Typ 5G) 1.8T / 2.0T
Volkswagen Passat B8 (Typ 3G) 1.8T / 2.0T
Volkswagen Sharan (Typ 7N05) 1.8T / 2.0T
Volkswagen Tiguan MK2 (Typ 5NA) 1.8T / 2.0T
Volkswagen Touran (Typ 1T06) 1.8T / 2.0T

APR Turbo Inlet Pipe