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Retro Resus Racing

   After spending practically our entire careers building and modifying customers hot hatches, track day and race cars, the time came for us to dabble in the world of professional motorsport!


   After an introduction to a well organised and enthusiastic race series in the form of the Production Mk5 GTI Championship,  it was time to roll up our sleeves and get stuck in!


   Our first complete race car build commenced in the off season of 2016/2017, and has proved successful even while testing unknown components, taking podium finishes during its first season. Several more complete and partial builds followed the first car, making it onto the start grid during the 2017 season, with all car/driver combinations being up to speed within a few races… even took 1st place in its first race!


   We have now branched out into other series, our latest entering was in the Toyo Tires Racing Saloons championship, where the competition is vast, with talented drivers and machinery to match.


   Next year we are looking to support our current drivers in the Production GTI MK5 championship, and also support West Coast Motorsport in their racing endeavours in whichever championship they choose.


   With all this going on we are more than a little busy….but not too busy to get involved in your race car or track car project. We offer everything from roll cage fabrication, engine upgrades/rebuilds, transmission upgrades/rebuilds, suspension systems, brake upgrades and more.


   Please feel free to give us a call or email for further information on our race preparation and support services.

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